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About was started in 2006, initially just offering an easy and a hard British/Australian style crossword a day. It was quickly expanded to have an easy and a hard cryptic crossword, and then a few months later an American style crossword was added (these are actually far harder to generate than the British/Australian versions).

A community aspect was added for a while, allowing comments at the bottom of every puzzles, but it never took off and was removed a few months later.

The site has been converted to a Facebook application, and crosswords can also be embedded in your own site if you wish.

As well as crossword, sudoku, kakuro and other puzzle games, I have also built a travel site I Want That Flight which compares flight prices (focussd on Australia).
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Other Puzzles
Still looking for more puzzles? Try Jigsaw Online which is great fun with other peoples photos or your own. Kakuro is also free and easy to play.